Not A Classic Sculpture

Completely clothed and completely nude, this life-size art piece is cast class.  I believe the dress is very old, originally owned and worn by a pianist.  The “body” is that of a contemporary woman, that word in quotes because this piece is hollow.

Pianist's Dress Impression, 2005, by Karen LaMonte.  Palm Springs Art Museum.
Pianist’s Dress Impression, 2005, by Karen LaMonte. Palm Springs Art Museum.

It is translucent and seems to glow.  Unusual, but lovely, too.  I really wanted to share this one with you.

I saw this beautiful piece at the Palm Springs (California) Art Museum, in Contemporary Glass 2012/2013.  You can see the exhibit until November 3, or click the link below to see some of these works, and how the cast glass piece pictured above stood out, looking like a classical sculpture in a gallery of contemporary pieces. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge each photo.  All of the pieces look very different from each other:—2013/

Author: Pamela Tartaglio

For my vacation, I'd like to go to America a hundred years ago. Instead, I visit cool historic places, art museums and read. I share on my blog, Past and Present with Pamela. People who aren't history buffs tell me they enjoy these glimpses into the past. Please come and visit.

3 thoughts on “Not A Classic Sculpture”

  1. I relate more to classical than modern. This looked like a glowing Greek statue, and I did not see the body underneath at first.

    The huge statue of Marilyn Monroe is about a block away. Quite a contrast with this one. Marilyn gets more press, too.

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