About Pamela

Pamela Tartaglio. Photo by Skye Moorhead
Photo by Skye Moorhead

I’m Pamela Tartaglio, the author of this blog. I’m writing a novel set in 1894, in Cripple Creek, Colorado, which has been called the world’s greatest gold camp. Around 1900, Cripple Creek boasted 500 gold mines.

I was the 2012 President of Women Writing the West and the 2013 Chair of its WILLA Literary Awards, named after Willa Cather.

Leave a comment or send me an email! My email is pamela@pamelatartaglio.com.

12 thoughts on “About Pamela”

  1. What a wonderful blog! I loved learning about the Olympics history. Bring back those medals in the arts ! In artistic muscle, you’ve got the gold, gal !

  2. I appreciate that! Seems we both enjoy history. You should find many such individuals talking and clicking around my site.

  3. Thanks, Michelle. I recommend you get the Time-Life book The Gamblers from the library. I know you liked my speech about them. It is a fascinating book with a lot of photos.

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